Knit and Crochet for Change

This is another intensive out of like 10. One that i didn’t chose but i didn’t know much about either.  An intensive is a week long course of just one certain subject, mine is blogging :).OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo here i took a little visit and come to find that it wasn’t so bad. The students in this intensive were focused on their mission to make scarfs to give to give to a  charity in which they had a hard time picking because many had specific requirements, which i found to be pretty dumb  kind of rude in a way and ungrateful . If these students are taking their time putting in the work, not because they have to but because they want to,why not take what is being given and make a good use of it so it can warmth someone cold. Well that’s just my opinion and how I feel. This can relate to the what I write about because these students are putting in time and work to make something of their own style and preference, could be trending in other places, you never know 🙂

Dear Old Angela Showing Off Her Unfinished Scarf Coming Along 🙂

Beautiful Finished Products Ready To Warm Someone Up!