So I ordered these really really cute vans on April 6th, knowing they were out of stock so I was gonna have to wait until they restocked which they said would not be until April 26th if i remember correctly. Today is May 10 and I just found out yesterday at 1 in the morning they were finally shipped and I’m like so super duper excited because they are just so beautiful I’m gonna explode!!! Aren’t they Just beautiful?!Well to begin with your opinion won’t affect how I feel (no offense lol) because I love them <3333 [shoes from here]


Knit and Crochet for Change

This is another intensive out of like 10. One that i didn’t chose but i didn’t know much about either.  An intensive is a week long course of just one certain subject, mine is blogging :).OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo here i took a little visit and come to find that it wasn’t so bad. The students in this intensive were focused on their mission to make scarfs to give to give to a  charity in which they had a hard time picking because many had specific requirements, which i found to be pretty dumb  kind of rude in a way and ungrateful . If these students are taking their time putting in the work, not because they have to but because they want to,why not take what is being given and make a good use of it so it can warmth someone cold. Well that’s just my opinion and how I feel. This can relate to the what I write about because these students are putting in time and work to make something of their own style and preference, could be trending in other places, you never know 🙂

Dear Old Angela Showing Off Her Unfinished Scarf Coming Along 🙂

Beautiful Finished Products Ready To Warm Someone Up!

His Excessive Blinking.


“Describe a little thing — one of the things you love that defines your world but is often overlooked.”


Let’s see.. something little..that I love..that often gets overlooked….. One thing I would say is the LOVE  for my

dear boyfriend’s excessive blinking He finds it quite weird that I love when he blinks alot!

The fact that he does it without even knowing makes it 10x better!! I find it to be the cutest thing ever:) Every time I catch him 

in a daze he always seems to be blinking , and i always cheese hard and he just looks at me like I’m crazy lol.

It’s the little things like this that make me want to just hug him so tight and never let go, like a kid getting a puppy 

for the first time. People that know me and how I feel about my boyfriend think they know everything 

I love about him, when in reality, they don’t realize the little things are the most precious to me❤ 

Whenever I catch him blinking, whether it’s on the train or at school, I look at him, smile, and give him kisses 😀

Every chance I get to catch him in the act, I capture the moment and put it in my imaginary box of memories I have with him, excluding our 

 28309849 pictures. I love him and the little things he does, very much ♡ 


The Only Outfits That Stood Out To Me @ Central Park

New York Stud ~  

The fact that I was only able to take pictures of 2 people made me quite upset. Central Park wasn’t the most quite diverse place for style,

I did seem to capture some simple but were still interesting. I took these 2 pictures For the Simple Fact that they were dressed 

not like the rest, especially the girl which made me happy:)

The Girl ~

This Girls outfit was very beautiful! I felt the need to ask her if I could take a picture of her for the simple fact

that her Outfit looked like something you don’t see everyday, like it would take some time to put together, which made what she was wearing more attractive to me!:D